Moving on


Hi everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that there won’t be much blogging going on here anymore.  We’ve decided not to focus on the design business at this time.

I’ve really enjoyed “meeting” some new people through this blog, so I’ve decided that I’m going to continue a personal blog at I’m still going to talk about design, but I’m excited to throw in a smattering of more random topics as well!  I’ll have a review of my new LED Christmas lights, a follow up on my desk chair, a massive siding and insulation project, and of course, my Everest, re-upholstering my chair!  (Side note – fabric has been ORDERED!!)  So anyway, I’m sad to leave, but I hope you’ll come visit my new home and leave me a comment!!

Old lights, new home


I opted not to use my old colored lights at home this year, but it seemed to me like a lot of wasted holiday spirit to just put them back in the basement.  Then I had a thought – where do I spend most of my waking hours?  WORK!  Sure, it may not be the most sophisticated space in the world, but it makes me happy.  And a little happiness at a place that doesn’t always make me happy is always a good thing.  Plus it makes the fact that it gets dark depressingly early a little easier to take, since darkness makes the lights prettier!

My husband and I each had mini trees from our childhood, so since he didn’t seem interested in brightening up his desk, I shared with my cube-mate!

Take that, guys on the other side of the office!  We’re WAY more festive!

Speaking of my cube-mate – how cute is she??  She actually made us little tree skirts last night!

So, do you decorate at the office?

zzzz and brrrr


I had to venture out into the freezing tundra to drop my husband off at the airport at 4:30 this morning, so I’m not feeling very bloggity.  I would, however, very much enjoy occupying and napping in one of these spaces, both from Country Living.

All those soft pillows and cozy throws……

Light up my life


Last year, my old colored light strands finally bit it.  Enough individual lights had burnt out that I’d gone through all the replacement bulbs, and I was ready for a change to white lights for this year’s tree.  If I was buying new lights, I wanted to buy LED for the energy efficiency and the promise of long bulb life.  However.  I can’t stand that blue hue of white LED lights.

Luckily, the fine makers of LED Christmas lights have finally (maybe this isn’t really new news, but it is to me!) come out with warm white lights!  AND – they have some that don’t have those goofy looking facets that the early LED lights had!  They now have a shape that looks like traditional white lights, but I opted for these smooth spheres.


Hooray!  Now I just need to locate another spool so that my tree doesn’t look naked.  Also, I need to get a tree.  Might be a task for this weekend!

Decision Time


Here goes – the final 6 choices for my chair project.  I have a front runner in mind, but I thought I’d put the options out there for the masses….er, well, the 4 of you actually reading this.

Option 1:

Option 2:

These first two were the winners from my first round of samples.  For reference, the other side of my room looks like this, hence the love for brown:

(The chair is just on the other side of the green wall, where the striped rug is in the foreground.)

Option 3:

Options 4 and 5:

These two are essentially the same, but one has a more traditional fleur de lis pattern, while the other has a more botanical theme.

Option 6:

Sorry for the blurriness here – this one feels like sort of a combination between 5 and 6, but on a more natural canvas/ burlap colored background.

So there you go – the final 6.  I’m done looking at options for fear of adding another 6 options, so I’m definitely going with one of these.  Tell me your vote in the comments!

(Edit: Sorry about the wacky formatting!  I think I fixed it!)



I had a post planned for today…and I forgot my images at home.

In the meantime, how cute is this wreath from Liz Owen’s blog?  I love holiday decorations that don’t SCREAM Christmas, or lead you to believe that Santa might have actually moved in.

The Office Chair


Remember how I was considering one of these?

They live at Pottery Barn, and go for about $400.  Yeah….not happening.

And then the Craigslist gods smiled on me, and I snagged this for $25!

It’s from Sheboygan Chair Company, which is extra cool for me as that was a local company in Wisconsin until it was sold in 1952.  Which means my chair is really old, and I get an extra little thrill of it not being completely off the shelf from a chain retailer.  There’s nothing wrong with that, as I’ve made the case for it before, but I do like having a mix of old and new.

I think my plan will be a very, very dark stain and probably a chair pad and lumbar pillow to help wean my husband off the old executive chair and to give me a place to start accessorizing and adding new colors and pattern!