Hello world!

Kim here – introducing myself! 

Ironically, I’ve never had the desire, like so many of my peers, to strike out on my own and start my own firm.  I’m so concerned about the risk, and the responsibility, and the direct translation of how hard I work to how much food ends up on the table!  However, now that I’ve been out of school for a few years and in the working world, I’ve taken on side projects here and there, and I’ve come to realize that maybe this doesn’t have to be this big, scary abyss of pressure.  It’s possible to start small.  I don’t have to jump off the deep end, quit my job, and start competing for the same clients!  Plus collaboration with a partner (who is not my husband, and therefore not doubling the risk to our household income!) makes the whole quest seem much less daunting.

While Sara is the one with the interiors chops and credentials, I don’t personally feel that there needs to be such a line between architecture and interior design.  Who is to say that architecture stops at the building shell, or that interiors should be strictly picking finishes and furnishings??  I don’t think strict limits like that are constructive, or effective!  Our backgrounds and experience should complement each other nicely, and leave us with no limits!  The goal (I think – our business plan is in baby draft form thus far) is to start at a residential, interior level.  We want to be very careful not to create a conflict of interest with our current firm, which is mainly commercial.  Moonlighting is allowed, but there are specific stipulations against competition.  Getting let go would cancel out the minimal risk we’re aiming for by starting this as a side business/labor of love!

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