Identity Inspiration

One of our many tasks upon starting this business is to come up with our business identity. This is a difficult task for me because I’m drawn to so many different styles.  I’ve been searching the internet for ideas & inspiration, hoping that what I find will help to focus me.

Lately I’ve had a bit of an obsession with birds. Not that they have to play a part in our identity…I just like them! I love the playful, whimsical feeling that they evoke. Images from Etsy.

 Bird Layout 1

I love the free flowing lines, the swoops & the swirls, of an organic logo…

 Estetic Kabinet by Studio43

Jeff Clark

Tyler Bramer

…but I’m also drawn to crisp, stark logos, where the name of the business has enough strength to stand on its own.

Fuse Print & New Media

Fuel Brand Stuiods




I feel our identity must have a broad market appeal—we want clients to feel we can accommodate any design request and not that we have only one trick up our sleeves. The challenge is to figure out what graphics, text, typeface, etc. will help us most achieve this goal.

Business cards are from & Logos are from &

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