The Beginning

I’m starting to feel like a bit of a slacker!  Kim’s already wrote two posts and I’ve yet to write my first!

I’ve always wanted my own business, but truthfully, I never expected it to be in the design field.  I thought I’d pursue something easier–like making cupcakes (just don’t ask about my last cupcake baking experience…you’d really wonder why I’d call that easier).  An Interior Design firm seemed too complicated to me.

That was until I learned about the new trend of offering scaled down design services to clients via e-mail.  It sounded like such a brilliant idea!  Not only that, but it’s something my partner Kim & I have the skill set (and desire) to do.  We talked about it for a couple of days and quickly decided this was a business worth pursuing. 

Since Kim works on the Architectural side of projects at our firm and I work in the Interior Design studio, I think we are able to offer our clients something that other similar services cannot.  Our designs will literally be examined from every angle because of our different backgrounds—thus giving our clients the best end product possible.  Plus, if someone wants a little bit more than what our standard package will offer, we’ll be able to meet their needs.

I’m really looking forward to this adventure!


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