Working on a business profile

Starting a business is hard. I realize this is not news, but it’s not hard in the way I thought it would be. I also don’t really mean “hard” as much as I mean “a lot of work!” The blog has been quiet the last couple days, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Sara and I have realized that we need to define exactly what it is we want to offer before we go announcing our services to the world. Seems obvious, right? Carefully defining the service you want to provide for a paying client is not something one should just whip up in a day and throw out to the internet. Likely one will not get any clients if the services are too vague or undefined, or almost worse, one might get a client only to realize that they will end up providing much more than they anticipated! Then the business gets away from you, the client is dissatisfied, negative word of mouth, end of business!

So. With that in mind, check back over the next week or so for a big step – the definition of “About EFeDesigns!”

We are additionally hard at work on about a dozen lists. I find the best way to start a big project is to break it down into many manageable steps. Sometimes all you need to feel like you’re making progress is to check an item off a list. Sure, that item might have been “Start list,” but the journey of 1,000 steps starts with the first one, right? We’ve been busily compiling ideas for marketing strategies, and have contacted a fabulous graphic designer to help us achieve our look. While we are professional designers, we know enough to know that while we may know a lot about styling a SPACE, we know very little about styling a logo, website, business cards, stationery, etc! You know? 😉

We are also working on the questionnaire, which will help us examine the client’s personality and style, as well as gathering images for feedback. A picture says a thousand words! What is “modern” to one person might be “contemporary” or “retro” to another! I had a great experience with this personally when I hired the florist for my wedding. I know NOTHING about flowers, but I knew I’d seen things I didn’t like. So while I couldn’t tell her the names of the flowers I liked, I COULD bring in about a dozen magazine images that I DID like. She was able to take those images, which were actually arrangements in rooms rather than actual bouquets, and know exactly the look I was trying to achieve. This was sooo much more effective than me learning a dozen flower names that may or may not have gone together or been in season. I figured, she’s the expert, she can tell me what will work as long as I provide the framework of the mood that I wanted, and boy did she deliver!

Finally, we are compiling ideas for blog topics and a newsletter! We aren’t sure yet whether the newsletter will be weekly, monthly or bi-monthly, but we think it will be a good way to develop and keep in touch with a client base. It might be do-it-yourself design tips, or be seasonally significant, or offer insight into industry quirks. If you’re interested on getting on this list, send us an email at, or leave your address in the comments section. (Note: we would never distribute your email to anyone, so there should be no spam worries!)


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