Finding Serenity in Color

I got a new car recently.  My husband’s was getting on in years—10 years old with 185,000 miles—when one day it left us stranded at Home Depot.  Thankfully, we live about a half hour walk from Home Depot and were able to walk home and get a hold of AAA.  Being the generous man that he is, he volunteered to take my car (a 9 year old with a mere 154,000 miles) so that I could have the “new” one (where “new” = used).

Based on a previous life decision, I was looking for a black or a silver car.  For some reason the first time I bought a car I decided that I was a black or silver car person.  Nothing flashy or trendy for me.  But, as is so true of much of my life, the car buying experience did not go as planned and we ended up with a greenish, bluish, grayish colored car.  What can I say?  It was the right price, right mileage and IT HAD REMOTE START!  How could I turn that down with another cold, snowy Wisconsin winter looming?

I describe my car as greenish, bluish, grayish because I’m not entirely certain what color it is.  I know, I know, I’m an interior designer.  How can I not know what color it is?  Well, if I turn to my paint decks, it could be said that it is Stratton Blue or Rain or Wythe Blue or Interesting Aqua…none of which really helps anyone picture what color my car is.

So, here is a picture of my car–well, not my exact car, but one I found on Toyota’s website that is the same color:

2007 Camry_Aloe Green Metallic

In the end, I’m glad things didn’t go my way.  I love the color of my car.  I’ve always loved gentle, spa colors…especially the blues and greens.  That’s what my car reminds me of.  Now I’m seeing this color everywhere in the design world–mostly in fabrics.  This first image is of a DesignTex fabric:


This next one is a wallcovering by Stacy Garcia (carried by DL Couch):

DLCouch_Stacy Garcia_Sassy

Here is the color being used in a room setting.  The picture was taken specifically to show off the carpet tiles (FLOR–which I’m a HUGE fan of), but I really like the serene feeling this color brings to the space:

FLOR_Corrugated Rib_Brook_2

 These last two images are also fabrics.  This first one is an Angela Adams design, carried by Architex.


And finally, a fabric design by Knoll:



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