My favorite time of year

While it never got very warm here in Wisconsin, the weather has taken a decided turn toward crisp.  Many people are sad to see the warmth of summer go, but I have always loved digging out those cozy sweaters and scarves.  (I also really loved school supply shopping as a child, so maybe there’s some association with new beginnings there.  Or my love of fresh supplies.) 

As we switch over to our fall wardrobes, we can do the same in our homes.  There’s nothing better than creating a warm and inviting space in which to curl up and watch new fall shows, or read a great book with a hot cup of cocoa.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, then you’ve got an obvious place to start warming your nest.





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Firelight is great for warming a space not just in temperature, but psychologically as well.  Plus it provides an automatic centerpiece for fall décor – which does NOT have to be limited strictly to jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows!  Note the flowers in the second image, and the pinecones among the birch logs in the third image.

What if you’re like me, and don’t have a fireplace?  No problem – some delicious smelling candles serve as a great substitution.



Textiles are another simple way to cozy your space.  Swap out your summery pillows for something more substantial, in thick fabrics like velvet  or suede.  Add throws not just for warmth, but for snuggling up in as well.  If you have been thinking about purchasing a new rug, autumn is a great time for something comfortable underfoot.





bliss living

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with traditional decorating as well.  😉




 What is your favorite way to get ready for fall?


2 Responses to My favorite time of year

  1. Crisp? In Wisconsin?? Hmmmm. . .

    These photos are so sensuous, a beautiful blend of fall feelings that I want to cozy up in – now!

    In the picture with the green dining room chairs, can you tell me what style that mirror is (gilded Greek key design)?

  2. EFeDesigns says:

    Thanks for your comment! You’re certainly right, cold in Wisconsin IS shocking. 😉

    I think you’re right on with the Greek , but I don’t think it’s a single pure style. It seems to be a combination of Greek, Arts and Crafts and Asian influences.

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