Artful Photo Arrangements

I’ve been paying special attention to art & picture arrangements lately.  At this present moment, my own home has one piece of art hanging (and it’s a print), but it has been my mission over the past few months to add some more art to my bare walls.  I had been waiting until we could afford “real” art, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never be able to afford real art…or at least won’t be able to in the next decade.  So rather than wait with my naked walls, I’m taking action and creating my own.

One of the ideas I have involves finding old black and white photos of my family and my husband’s family.  I plan on spending some time over Thanksgiving going through my Mom’s stash and hopefully I will find some treasures of her when she was younger and of my grandmother and great-aunts as well.  I’d like to arrange these photos on a shelf in my living room (or on a wall if the collection gets too big) and my vision is to use the same color of frame, but in different profiles.  One example of what I’m going for I found on the Pottery Barn website:

 I may actually seek out this very color of frame as I find it to be very beautiful.  And based on this picture, it works very well with black & white photos.  Here are some other ways to arrange framed photos or art that I like.  The first image is a home designed by Charles Allem that I came across in Architectural Digest:

The following three are all Pottery Barn arrangments as well–I love the look you get when you take different photos and different frames types and layer them together:

The remaining images also show a similar technique, but prove that it’s possible to have this look good in your own home and not just in a catalog.  The first is a design by Jonathan Adler and the second a design by Vincente Wolf:

And finally, an image that I find beautiful enough to be used as art on its own.  I love the juxtaposition of the old building to the new black & white photographs on the wall.  From



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