Holiday Card Display

A few weeks ago I wrote about controlling holiday card clutter, and I just wanted to share quickly how I managed it this year in my home.  I kept it sweet and simple, and really cost effective (read: FREE) thanks to the remaining dollar spools of ribbon that are left over from overzealous supply purchasing from my wedding a few years ago.  (Sidenote, I have found that having this ribbon on hand has been awesome!  I am never lacking for a pretty touch on a package, I’ve even used small loops in place of ornament hooks.  Once the holidays are over I’m definitely planning to head to my local craft store to pick up some additional colors!)

(please forgive the graininess of these images – I’m having camera setting issues!  Anyone know anything about a Canon Elph SD750??)

For starters, I took the wider ribbon and tied it to the end of my curtain rod.  Then as the cards came rolling in, I just punched a small hole in the back, and used the narrow ribbon to tie it to the main.  The cards fall neatly in line with the drapes and can easily be read!  The part I love most – how they don’t all topple over on my shelf if someone, oh, looks at them.  🙂

Happy holidays to you and yours!


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