Business progress

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just cannot work effectively without a deadline.  I also tend to find myself overwhelmed if I have a large task to accomplish….that is really a lot of smaller undefined tasks.  To that end, Sara and I had a very professional (read: not so much, but still productive!) meeting last night to discuss our next steps to getting this business off the ground!  We’ve got big developments coming up on several fronts:

  • Website.  The plan is to purchase our own domain name for our site, and this blog will become a part of our overall brand.  We have a launch date in mind, but I suppose we should run it by our actual website and graphic design professionals before setting it in stone.  🙂
  • not sure what to call it, but maybe Customer Documents?  We’ve had sketchy ideas about how to actually frame the work that we’ll be doing, ie. how to get the information we need from the client, pricing and package options, our deliverable documents, etc., but we’ve now gone beyond the ideas of the things to actually map them out and create deadlines for ourselves for a trial run of those documents in order to serve….
  • …our first client!  (Sure, it’s my mom, but doesn’t everyone look to their mom for that first break?)  She’s been talking about wanting to redo a room in her home for some time, and I jumped on the opportunity for her to let us use this as a test drive of our product.  Luckily we aren’t coming into this completely green – Sara and I both work in the real world as design professionals, and I’ve done some architecturally related moonlighting myself in the past.  However, we know that flesh and blood clients who do not know us personally are not going to be as forgiving or willing to hire us as, say, my mom, if we don’t have a defined road map of how this whole project will lay out.  We’re very excited to get to work on this, and I know she is as well.  (We’ve been delaying for a very good reason, but more on that another time soon hopefully!)  Once the aforementioned website is up and running, we’ll be posting the results of this project as well as some of our previous design work in the portfolio section.

Anyway, we hope you look forward to some big developments from EFeDesigns in 2010!



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