Do-It-Yourself Wall Panels

Recently I mentioned my quest to make art for my home. While I haven’t gotten the black and white photo arrangement together yet, I have managed to make some wall panels for my living room. Here’s a short breakdown of what I did and a picture of the final product…

I started by wrapping fabric onto a wooden frame. I used a combination of duct tape and a staple gun to affix the fabric to the frame. (I had helpers all along the way…)

After the fabric was on the frame, I worked on making a stencil of some branches. To do this, I found an image that I liked, traced it to scale in AutoCAD and then printed. I then taped pieces of clear acetate to the paper and cut the branches out with an X-Acto knife.

The next step was the tape these stencils onto the panel and then spray paint my branches onto the fabric. In theory, this would give me crisp, clean branches–but in reality, it did not work so well. The paint bled into the fabric and I couldn’t get the spray paint dark enough no matter how many layers I did. So when the spray paint had dried, I re-taped the stencils back on and hand painted over them. This gave me more control over the final result and I was able to get the white paint to pop the way I had envisioned. The resulting lines weren’t as crisp as I had originally hoped, but I think the final result gives it a more artistic, handmade feel that I like.

Time for the birds. These I also had traced in AutoCAD but instead of painting them onto the fabric, I had found a fuzzy red fabric that I wanted to cut them out of. This worked so much better than the paint and in retrospect, I should have just done the branches out of fabric as well. At least I’ve learned this lesson before I started the panel for my dining room!

In the end, I had two 24″ x 24″ panels with an image of a branch and birds stretching across the two panels. I also ended up taping one bird to the wall–I like the symbolism of one bird flying off of the panel.



9 Responses to Do-It-Yourself Wall Panels

  1. danica says:

    love the fuzzy birds! Is this on the outside wall (over your couch?)

    • EFeDesigns says:

      No, it’s actually over the piano on the east wall. And apparently the birds look convincing as both of the cats have been caught pawing at them!

  2. Roeshel says:

    I love these! Fantastic job – they look amazing!

  3. […] dining room.  Once I finish, I will explain how I did it (the process was similar to how I made my living room art), but for now, I need your help!  The first day I worked on it, I got as far as gluing two trees […]

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  6. rebekah says:

    What site did you find your tree and birds?

    • admin says:

      I found the image on Etsy. I believe I searched for wall decals or something like that. Then I just found the one I liked and used the image to make a template. They have a ton of great wall decals, definitely check it out!

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