Message Station

Looks like it’s DIY week here at EFeDesigns!  Or, it’s talk-about-something-you-DIY’ed-in-the-past-3-months week…..anyway, I often found the side of my fridge to be a bit…cluttered.  See, it’s shoved into a corner, and, oddly, the front is not magnetic.  (Whether this means we got cheated and our appliance is stainless plastic, or that my stainless steel was meant to stay pristine and shiny, I’m not sure.)  Thanks to the adjacent cupboards, there is not a lot of real estate to pin up things like invitations, reminders, cute pictures, or a message board like I am accustomed to having in my kitchen.This picture is quite old, obviously taken before we’d fully moved into the kitchen, but you see the dilemma.

I’m a habitual cork-saver.  I think that lots of wine bottle corks are actually quite lovely, and it’s a shame to toss them.  So I got into the habit over the past several years of tossing them in the drawer with the corkscrew, and then filling up jars when the drawer got too full….and where am I going with this you might ask?  Well, rather than being surrounded by jars of wine corks and looking like some crazy wine-o, I thought it would be cool to make a cork-corkboard with them.  I also thought that if I was creating a display area, an adjacent message board would be nice as well, but I definitely wanted them to go together.

I hit my local Michael’s craft store, where I found in their unfinished wood area a frame with some depth.  I think it’s meant to be a shadow box or something, but it worked perfectly for me, as I needed something with a deep frame to hold the corks, as well as a ledge for the chalk and eraser to live on for my chalkboard message board.  I think I spent something like $15 for two.

I planned to paint the frame and inner edge white to match my trim, but realized that perfectly masking off the inside corner while I spray painted chalkboard paint (or conversely getting in that corner with white paint post-chalkboard paint) would be a pain.  Instead, I opted to paint the inside frames of both boxes with the chalkboard paint – it’s key to have a very well ventilated area for this.  I used my driveway, after hearing about Sara nearly asphixiating herself in her basement.  After a bit of dry time, I primed and painted the frames and back boxes, and set to work attaching my corks.

I was disappointed to find that they were not the absolute perfect dimension all the way across, so I did a fair bit of trimming with an exacto knife.  For adhesive I used some Mod Podge I found in my basment, so here’s hoping it holds up to push pin removal.  If not, it will be easy enough to reattach with something stronger.

After a final trip to Home Depot to get some photo hanging hooks, as my cheapo frames came with no way to attach to the wall, my message center is complete for now!

Disregard the unpainted hall to the back stairs on the right.  (Isn’t every home a work in progress?)

Those very attractive people are our good friends Liz and Paul.

That cutie little monster baby is my husband’s godson Mason.

The chalkboard paint inner edge.

Detail of chalk ledge and hangers.  These were key for me in case I want to take these down for any reason and easily re-hang.

As a bonus – the depth isn’t so great that they protrude past the adjacent door frame, so hopefully no one will walk into them.



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