Comforter follow-up

The article isn’t online yet as it’s in the most recent issue, but Real Simple magazine (one of my favorites!) did a Road Test article about comforters this month.  Their featured “Best Nondown Natural” pick was the Plumeria Bay Mulberry Silk! They also have a lot of other great suggestions, including FOUR that can be machine washed.



2 Responses to Comforter follow-up

  1. Camila says:

    Hi Ladies!

    Congrats on your new venture. Thanks for your great advice today. It’s really helped me jot down some ideas and figure out exactly what I want.

    As for marketing at the moment it’s been word of mouth. Mainly from the blog. If you so off your work, or DIY projects you tend to get some inquires coming your way.

    I tried craigslist. It works for some, but I didn’t love it. Not the type of client that I want.

    I’ve been working for friends and family. This has been nice, because they let me do whatever I want, but the pay isn’t the greatest. I feel guilty charging what I normally would charge. I’m looking into doing some advertising on blogs, but I’m waiting for my site and blog revamp to do so.

    I’ve also had fellow designers tell me about I-D-D a sight were they have gotten lots of clients. Hope that helps!



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