Currently Loving

What’s this?? My ipod headphones wrapped neatly around my ipod and not snaking around every other item in my purse! It’s a miracle!

…Actually it’s my nifty new ipod case from the talented Angie of Byrd and Belle. I love the wool case cushioning my constant companion from (more) scratches, and the leather strap is a tailored touch (that smells good too)! I’d held off on getting a case for almost a year because I couldn’t find anything that really appealed to me. I love this one not only for looks and functionality, but I love that I’m supporting a local (in terms of LEED standards – she’s within 500 miles) artist. Plus I’m feeling a particular kinship toward her since she’s formerly in my field and was a victim of this crummy economy – but she doesn’t act like a victim at all. She took a crummy situation and turned it into a thriving small business, with write-ups everywhere from Etsy to the New York Times to Lifehacker.

Thanks Angie!



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