Breathe Deeply

Sometimes…it’s just one of those days. You know…your emotions are just a little closer to the surface, and everything just takes a bit more effort. Wouldn’t it be great just to pull the covers over your head and block out everything? Well….you can’t. You’re at work, where you are expected to be a grown up and not lash out like a toddler because you are having a bad day. Well, not if you want to come BACK to work, that is. So cubicle dwellers, how can you make your space a little more zen to get through those rough days?

I’ve found over the past couple years that lucky bamboo is a little boost to my spirit. The one pictured isn’t mine, but I also have mine planted in a red pot (a fortuitous color in feng shui), black lava rocks, and water. That’s it – and it’s still alive, despite my landlocked desk, with no sunlight in sight!

Scent can really work wonders, especially if you combine it with those deep, calming, cleansing breaths. I have one like this in sandalwood, and I’ve found that the reed diffuser is a harmonious addition to the workplace, as it’s not too powerful. (Believe me, my desk neighbors would have something to say if it was too pungent.) Plus in a pretty container, it’s nice to look at as well.

Don’t have a desk to call your own? Try one of these little sachets, filled with lavender. “Lavender is natural anti-depressant that relives insomnia, headaches and stress.” Just pop one in your bag or pockets, and take a whiff when the day gets a little hairy. I think I need to add one to my arsenal….

What do you do to unwind if you can’t curl up in a pair of sweats?


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