New Product

New product alert: ECO by Cosentino. Beautiful, recycled AND affordable countertops!  I know, I know, usually green doesn’t mean affordable.  And this is why I’m so excited about ECO.  It’s made up of 75% recycled content, makes use of a corn based resin and only costs as much as the lower price grade Silestone countertops (no, it’s not laminate countertop pricing, but it’s awfully inexpensive as far as green countertop options go). 

What exactly is ECO made up of?  Well…

  • Mirrors salvages from houses, buildings and factories
  • Glass from windshields, windows and bottles
  • Granulated glass from consumer recycling practices
  • Porcelian from china, tiles, sinks & toilets

Visually, ECO countertops look like quartz countertops.  They also perform the same way quartz countertops perform.  Which makes sense once you learn that Cosentino also manufacturers Silestone (which I have in my kitchen and would recommend to anyone).

 Okay, enough about the product.  Here’s what it looks like:

And finally, my personal favorite:

Click here to see all available ECO colors.



One Response to New Product

  1. EFeDesigns says:

    Lol, quit it Sara! If Darin sees this, I’m going to have to seriously consider replacing my countertop! Very cool looking product though – I like the hint of glass so much better than the really chunky vitrazzo type.

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