Chick Light

If I had to judge my personal style, it’s not girly.  (Possibly because I live with a man….)  I like clean lines, tailored furniture, modern materials….but I have a thing for chandeliers.  Given the correct proportions and scale within a room, they can add just the right amount of pop and sparkle to make a room special.  Here are just some of my favorites!

from Young House Love

from Russet Street Reno

I’ve loved the capiz lights for years, as a fixture, as a lamp, whatever.  I love the subtle shimmer.  (Also, that second image?  This girl has a DRESSING ROOM!!)

also from Russet Street Reno

From ZGallerie

The last one might be my favorite yet!



One Response to Chick Light

  1. Kim, you are so sweet! Thank you for the links and I’m so glad you like my chandys!

    You must get the capiz, they are so beautiful and you will not regret installing one. Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who has fallen down the stairs 🙂

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