Design is in the Details

Often, I think it’s much easier to find that signature piece of furniture, or that just right seating arrangement, than it is to find the touches that really pull the room together into a space in which you’d like to spend time. Which is maybe why my own walls sat bare for over a year….However, it’s the stuff – the art on the walls, the collection of family photographs, the right number of accessories (more than none, less than cluttered!) – that really finish a room. Ideally you can take your time, and wait for inspiration to strike. Usually though, a client isn’t going to wait for a year for you to think of that perfect piece – they want it now! To that end, I’ve been compiling a bunch of ideas, focusing on wall installations – if I gather enough quantity, I know that the right décor will appear. I’ve been noticing a bit of a theme out there that I like – vertical panels in groups of three. Here are some of those I’ve come across!

Source unknown



Some very poor screenshots from my computer from

I know the photo collage wall and decals are really popular out there currently, and while I like them in certain situations, I just don’t think it’s right for the space we are considering right now….

Where do you look for wall inspiration? What are you drawn to right now?



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  1. I must say this is the fourth time I’ve read your website and Im diggin it! I added your blog to my rss reader. Will be waiting to see more additions!

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