Blue House

One thing I’ve learned from being an Interior Designer is that people feel very strongly towards the color green.  Either they love it, or they hate it.  Since green is my favorite color, and since it is everywhere in nature, I just assumed that most people liked green.  But just the opposite–a lot of people hate it.  I can’t tell you how many of my clients have either asked that I not use green or who have told me that they hate green when I show it to them.  I have no idea why people have such strong feelings towards green, but as much as people hate green, they seem to love blue.

Blue is a very soothing color and is even more prevalent in nature than green is.  We’re used to seeing blue in large expanses–think the sky and the sea–so we’re not uncomfortable with large amounts of blue in interior spaces.   Take, for example, the cover story from the latest issue of House Beautiful.

The Entryway

The Living Room

The Dining Room – LOVE the chandelier!

Sitting Nook

Breakfast Room

Fireplace – This is my favorite shot.  Red, white and blue DO go together, but the effect is usually patriotic.  I like the twist on red, white & blue here…orange-red, aqua and beige.  The pop of color from the red really makes the space.


The entire issue (March 2010) is actually all about the color blue and how it’s used in design and in interior spaces.  You should check it out, it’s quite inspiring!



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