It's not official until it's on Facebook

I’m not sure if that’s a commentary on life these days, but isn’t it sad that people say things like that?  And that it’s kind of true?

To that end, EF eDesigns now has its own page on Facebook!  We were using an application called Networked Blogs to broadcast our blog posts to our friends on Facebook, but I received a message over the weekend announcing that it would no longer be supported.  So here we are!  I actually think I like it better, as I get a little creeped out by having a lot of my personal business out on the web, so my privacy settings are (hopefully) like Fort Knox.  This way, the business page can be public, found and loved by all!

You will now see a little link off to the right that connects you directly to our new page.

And of course, you still have the option to subscribe by email or have our posts delivered directly to your RSS reader of choice.  Me, I like Google Reader.  🙂

Become a fan, tell your friends, we’d love to have you!!

– Kim

p.s.  Interested in design services?  We are working hard on getting our official website and PayPal account set up, but you can email us anytime at in the meantime for package information, images we are considering for our online portfolio, and special introductory pricing!


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