Elements of a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to fill space on a wall – they can be a big impact with a small impact on your wallet. Huge frames or a large piece of art can be really pricey! Gallery walls have the advantage of being made up of multiple smaller pieces, and can be art, family photos, unusual snapshots, etc. The frames need not match, but some common thread helps with the cohesion of the installation – it can be color, size or frame shape. There can be huge cost savings here by picking up a bunch of different frames from a thrift store or yard sales and painting them all the same color. There aren’t any hard and fast rules as to how to hang one of these displays, but a key factor in the difference between a chic presentation and a sloppy chaotic mish-mash in my opinion is some sort of mediating line. I’m not saying stick to symmetry – in fact I prefer some things to be a bit off kilter. However your wall will be much more pleasing to the eye if you create some sort of line, and build from there.



– Kim


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