Next Task: Portfolio!

Starting a business with Kim has been very exciting.  Rather than jumping in headfirst, not knowing what to expect, we were smart enough to sketch out a business plan early on (last fall).  We came across the idea for an eDesign business, realized it was something we wanted to do and were qualified to do and got together to write out our expectations of where our business would go and how long things would take to get there.

Thankfully, we had each other to keep the other realistic.  I myself tend to have lofty goals and can get a bit over-excited when an idea first comes along, so it was good to have a partner say, “You know, it’s going to take some time to build a client base.  We’re not going to have 40 clients overnight.”  So we came up with achievable goals in what we considered an achievable time schedule.

That’s the thing, businesses take time to get started—especially since it’s a must to have a website these days.  We’ve been disciplined enough to give ourselves deadlines for various tasks and it has keep us on track.  We’re right on schedule with where we expected to be.  Our last steps involve finessing our website until it’s where we want it to be.  We’ve got the bones of the design done (thanks to my sister-in-law!), most of the content written and now we’re working on compiling our portfolio images.

I don’t know how many of our readers have had to make portfolios before, but if you have, do you dislike the task as much as I do?  Ever since I had to make a portfolio in school, I’ve disliked doing it.  It’s such an important thing to do—in this business, you need to show what you’re capable of doing before they will hire you—but going through past projects to find the right images and then formatting them how you want them…not fun in my book!

But alas, it’s on my to-do list for the weekend.  I just have to remember that the sooner we get our images together, the sooner our website will be finished and the sooner we can unveil it!



One Response to Next Task: Portfolio!

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I stopped taking pictures years ago and when I did my website I didn’t have as many pictures as I wanted to use.

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