Currently Loving

Leather wall tiles from the Italian company Studioart.  A sales rep came into our office yesterday to show off some of their product lines and I fell in love with this one.  It’s not an inexpensive product, but it sure is a beautiful one!  There are plenty of other leather companies selling leather tiles, but what I liked about this one in particular is the variety in tile sizes, colors, patterns and textures.  So far the leather wall tiles I’ve seen generally come in standard sizes, maybe 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″, in a few typical leather colors.  Studioart really knows how to play up the glamour in their product lines…here are some of my favorites…

Texture – Soft and elegant

Luxury – Very appropriately named and my personal favorite

Klimt – One of their more playful collections

Decoro – Simple and fun

For a better look, here are some close ups of the leather tiles…

If that’s too much pattern and texture for you, they also have collections that are much more straightforward and no less beautiful.

Which one is your favorite?


One Response to Currently Loving

  1. EFeDesigns says:

    I’m definitely digging that last one!

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