Project Status: Finished!

I am finally finished with the artwork for my dining room!  If you remember, a while back I sent out a request for help.  I was having trouble deciding how many trees to include on my fabric panel.  Most people like one of the first two options and a few liked the original with just two trees.  Over the past month or so I would take a day and tape a third tree up, leave it there for a few hours, come back and more it to another place, then live it there for a few hours…just to see what I liked the best.

Well, you know what?  Turns out I really like the panel with just two trees.  I had always intended on there being three, but every time I added a third tree, it looked too crowded to me.  I did do a little embelishing though and here’s the final product:

Now for the how-to.  This project was very similar to the other fabric panels I made, I just didn’t involve paint this time around.  I started with this beautiful green floral fabric from Knoll Textiles that I’ve loved ever since it came out a few years ago.  I wrapped that around a wood frame that I purchased at Michael’s.

After that, I made my tree template.  This was done in AutoCAD.  I imported an image I liked, traced over the image and then placed my trees into a rectangle the same size as my panel (24″ x 36″).  After printing this out to scale, I cut the trees out and pinned them to my second fabric–a brown, outdoor fabric I picked up on clearance at Joanne’s.  My mom found it and I really liked it because it has a very subtle crosshatching pattern to it that reminded me of tree bark. 

I proceeded to cut along the lines, moving pins as I went along to make sure the fabric didn’t slip.  In the end, I had my trees.  At this point, I placed them on the fabric panel to see how things looked.

Once I was sure I liked the placement, I glued them down with Fabric-Tac glue.  It was an old bottle and I had to squeeze pretty hard to get the glue out, but it worked really well!  This is where I stopped at and took a couple month break in the project…mostly because I was having trouble finding the time to finish, but also because I wasn’t sure if I should stop at two, or keep adding trees.

I finally decided on leaving it at two trees, but knew the panel needed something…more.  I had clipped out an article from a Martha Stewart magazine a few months ago about how to make small flowers out of ultrasuede fabric.  She showed them as embellishments on throw pillows, but I thought they would be perfect for my panel (check back tomorrow and I’ll explain how I made them!).  I went to work on my flowers over the past weekend and after I glued those onto my artwork, I realized it had morphed into exactly what I had hoped…a beautiful piece of art that was simple, calming and caused me to smile every time I walked past!



2 Responses to Project Status: Finished!

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  2. This is stunning, and should be featured on Design Sponge or Apartment Therapy!

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