Flower How-To

As promised yesterday, here are the instructions on how to make the little flowers I put onto my dining room artwork.  I mentioned that the idea came from a Martha Stewart Living article, so I had a little petal-shaped template to begin with.  Since I didn’t get around to making copies of it at work, I ended up just putting a post-it over the magazine page and tracing the template.  I knew I wanted a couple different sizes of flowers, so I took a second post-it and, pretending the lines from the original petal were offset just a bit, I enlarged it slightly.  I then cut those out and ended up with my two petal templates.  It’s difficult to judge scale by this photo, but the smaller is about the size of my thumb and the large is, well, about the size of my dad’s thumb (he had really big hands!)

Using double-stick tape, I affixed the templates to some turqoise-blue fabric samples I had gotten from a sales rep.  The Martha Stewart article recommended using Ultra Suede as the edges would not fray when cut, but I did not go this route.  Instead, I used a Crypton fabric (widely used in healthcare settings for its moisture barrier properties) as it has a plasticky coating on the back that I knew would also keep the fabric from fraying at the edges when cut.  I repeated this over and over again until I had a bunch of petals.

The next step was to sew the petals together.  Taking four of the same size petal, I then loosely sewed them together using two stitches at the bottom of each petal (I’m sure this stitch has a name, but I’m not much of a sewer, so I wouldn’t know!)

After doing this, you pull on the thread to gather the petals together.

Finally, I sewed the ends together to complete the flower.  This step was the trickiest though, as I had to make sure to hold the gathered petals tightly in place so they didn’t loosen up while I attempted to finish sewing the flower together.  My first attempt had to be thrown out, but I got better as I went along.  Here’s what you end up with when all is said and done:

Once I had made a bunch of these in the two sizes I wanted, I started placing them on my panel and then glued in place with my Fabric-Tac glue.  In the end, it was a pretty easy project to take on–even for a non-sewer like me!



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  1. Wow! This is really cool. I will have to file this post (and the previous one) in my archives of ‘stuff I need to try!’

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