Chalkboard Menu

My latest do-it-yourself project was inspired by a friend in my book club.  The first time I was at her house, I walked into her kitchen and saw a small chalkboard on her wall with the coming week’s dinner menu written on it.  Since my system for the week’s dinner menu was a post-it stuck to the refrigerator, I thought this was a far superior system, so I asked where she bought it.  “I made it,” was her reply.  She explained how and it seemed super easy, so I added the task to my to-do list.  The first step was to find a frame that I liked.  I knew I wanted something white and somewhat intricate and I eventually found what I was looking for at Kohl’s Department Store.  Then I stopped by Home Depot and picked up some chalkboard paint.  It comes either in a regular paint can or in a spray can–I went for the spray can, thinking I would get a more uniform finish.  The back of the spray can lists all of the surfaces you are able to spray on, and since one of them is glass, you can just spray onto the glass that comes with the picture frame.  No waste!  That’s it–those are all of the supplies you need:

The weather was really nice last week, so I was able to do the spray painting outside, which I highly recommend.  The first time I made this chalkboard menu (yes, this is the second go-round–my first one broke as I had hung it on the wall behind a cabinet so every time you opened the cabinet, it fell down, and eventually broke) I did the painting in the basement and the fumes went throughout the entire house…quite noxious.  I laid the glass onto some paper grocery bags so as not to spray paint the ground:

I then sprayed a light layer of paint, waited about sixty seconds and sprayed another.  After that I waited about twenty minutes (or until the paint was dry) and painted another coat.  I did this about five or six times, or until the paint looked like it covered all of the glass in an even coat.

Once the paint coats the glass evenly, you wait.  I put the glass back into the frame once it was dry, but the directions on the spray can instructed me to let the paint fully dry for 24 hours.

The next day, I took a piece of chalk and rubbed it over the entire piece of glass, then wiped it off with a tissue.  After that it was ready to be written on.  I added my menu for the upcoming two weeks and then hung it on the wall…super easy, right?  This time, I hung the menu in a different location, far from any cabinets or other potential threats to its existence.



3 Responses to Chalkboard Menu

  1. I love that, didn’t know you could spray it on glass.

  2. Well, you and your friend are both doing better than me. I have a chalkboard (that we sprayed on) in our kitchen, and the only thing that is written on it is pointless drawings. Dinner is usually cereal or pasta. Yeah, I can only be so domestic! ha

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