Turning my Attention Outside

I tried my hand at gardening last summer, and I got exactly four strawberries, lettuce, tiny peppers, and a TON of green beans. I’m really good at growing green beans. (part of that problem might lie in not building the garden until July…) I’ve always thought I had a black thumb as I’ve killed many a houseplant. Seriously, even a cactus. BUT, last fall I had my husband create a shelf for me in the bare spot above our sink, and I’ve had living herbs there since. Maybe not thriving, but living.

This isn’t the best image, but my little plants are just visible.

I’m operating on the theory that my plants aren’t thriving due to their eastern exposure. The problem is that none of my south-facing windows gave me a great opportunity for plants, as you can see in the photo above. The south-facing window is just adjacent to my refrigerator…so it’s not really ideal to put something in front of it! However, inspiration has struck – I CAN utilize the OUTSIDE of that window, as well as the two others on that side of the house on the first floor. Enter – window boxes. I think they will work out quite nicely on my Cape Cod home, and give my kitty something nice to look at when she wedges herself into that window sill. We’ll enjoy them as well…and on the chance they don’t fill in nicely, luckily they’ll face my backyard and passersby will be none the wiser!

With that, here’s a roundup of the images I’m using as inspiration…and a friendly reminder to my husband as to what I’m aiming for him to build!


Casa Sugar



Apartment Therapy

Country Living

What do you do to dress up the outside of your home?



One Response to Turning my Attention Outside

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a window box for this very reason. Our house has huge windows, but b/c of its position, we get direct sunlight only early in the morning.

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