Safe Oil Based Paint?

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I just read an article about a new product called Safecoat Naturals – an oil based paint that is supposed to keep all the benefits – spreadability, coverage – but get rid of the nastiness – the odor, difficult cleanup, harsh chemicals. Personally, I’ve always shied away from oil based paints due to the chemicals, not only in the paint, but in the cleanup. This might be just what I need to make the switch.  I was able to find a price of $17, but it didn’t say how much paint that will buy – I’m assuming that is the quart price, which is just a bit higher than $13 for the standard Safecoat at the same retailer.  Has anyone tried it? Anyone steadfastly on the side of oil or water based paints?


One Response to Safe Oil Based Paint?

  1. I love the finished look of oil-based, but it is such a pain to apply and clean up. I would definitely try this product!

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