Chunky Knit Blankets

One of my goals for the year 2010 was to learn how to knit.  Kim and I went to a knitting club a couple months ago at the local library, and since she knew how to knit, she taught me how to cast on and how to knit the basic knit stitch.  Two weeks later when I grabbed my knitting needles and yarn, I realized I had completely forgotten everything she taught me, but thankfully remembered her recommendation to check out You Tube if I needed any help (this was a great tip and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn–there are a lot of videos out there to help you).

I got into the rhythm of the knit stitch and then got a little carried away with my practicing.  Here’s what I ended up with after a couple of weeks:

Now I just need to learn the purl stitch and then my plan is to make a real scarf (much wider than my practice scarf).  I bought this really pretty blue yarn, as I think it will look good with both my brown fall coat and my black one:


After that I’m hoping to move onto bigger projects, like throws.  I love the really chunky throws, like this one from West Elm:

Or the Chunky Ribbed Throw from Pottery Barn:

Baby Alpaca Throw from Amenity Home:

A nice chunky cable knit is also quite nice…although I’m pretty sure my knitting skills will never advance to cable knit, so this is something I would have to just buy from the store.

I’ll post pictures if I ever get around to making my own throw, but be warned–this may take a good year or so!



One Response to Chunky Knit Blankets

  1. EFeDesigns says:

    Oh yeah…this reminds me of my nearly finished leg warmers – JUST as the weather turns! Oops!

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