DIY Wine Label Art

I enjoy a nice glass of wine…or sometimes two if it’s been a really rough day…a few times a week, but I am FAR from a connoisseur.  I most often buy bottles based on funny, pretty or ironic labels.  The bummer about buying based on looks is that they usually get tossed, or you end up with a bunch of empty bottles of wine laying around looking like you have some sort of problem!  A few months ago, I came across this Label-Off wine bottle label remover kit and inspiration struck!


I had five bottles around that survived my frequent cleaning fits.



I followed the directions, and applied the exposed part of the sticker to the bottle.

IMG_3346 IMG_3348

Slowly peeled off the backing…


I applied pressure just like indicated on the instructions…



And was BARELY able to get it off.  This is the only bottle this method worked on perfectly.  The label with the question mark came off partially, but started to tear in the middle and I couldn’t save it.  So…it’s probably best not to try this method with a really memorable label!

So, with a tired arm from applying pressure to the first two labels, I went to Google, and found a hint about pouring boiling water into the bottle, and loosening the adhesive from the inside. The successful method ended up a combination of the Label-Off sticker to grab the label, and boiling water sitting in the bottle for a few minutes.  I used a razor blade to get the label started, and presto!



The I trimmed off the excess from the plastic (you can see that it’s sometimes necessary to use two sheets).


I chose a brown paper as a mat for each of the labels to create a unified arrangement…and because I happened to have some laying around!


The frames were picked up for a steal at Goodwill, and then painted white.  I tried a couple of different arrangements – I was aiming for asymmetry, but it was harder to achieve with four labels rather than the five I’d hoped for.





In the end I decided that the largest frame looked best on the bottom thanks to the visual weight, and it was really a toss up on the rest of the arrangement.  To hang them, I simply relied on the tried and true measure, mark on the wall, nail and level!



I’m pretty pleased with the results!  The Label-Off set me back about $10 at a local wine shop (The Wine Cellar) and the frames were less than $10.  (The wine would have been purchased in any case!)  If I did it again, which I probably will to add to my display, I’d either use standard contact paper, or possibly nothing at all, but there is a greater risk of burned fingers with my boiling water technique!

– Kim


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