Handmade Rug


When I think of a handmade rug, I often picture a super expensive oriental carpet, made halfway around the world, and too precious to set foot on. I never considered something like a rug as a candidate for easy, affordable handmade until I saw this recent post about a DIY rug.

via High Heeled Foot in the Door

Seriously. She MADE that. While I’m totally intrigued by this notion, as rugs can be so, so, so expensive for anything of a decent size, and actually fully plan to attempt this project myself, for the moment I’ve chosen to look at other rug options of the handmade variety. And when you are looking for handmade items, there is no better place to turn than Etsy. The artisans that gather there are so super talented, and you are guaranteed to get a unique addition to your home by buying direct from the crafter. Here’s just a small sampling of the amazing handmade rugs I’ve found.

Seller busbywarren – there isn’t a huge description on how they crafted this rug, but I think it’s similar to the High Heeled method.

Seller talkingsquid – this cute doormat is made of recycled t-shirts!

Seller jcarlos – this rag rug is gorgeous, and the product photography is absolutely dreamy.

Seller fiveforty – creates this woven rug from felted wool sweaters. It just looks so soft!

What do you think about handmade rugs? Are there any other unusual handmade houseware items you’ve come across lately?



New Product Alert


I’m sure everyone is feeling completely bombarded with green issues these days.  I see so many green products and hear so many green stories that at times my eyes gloss over and I find myself thinking, “blah, blah, blah…”

At the risk of getting that reaction from all of you, I’m sharing a new green product with you.  It’s a tile made from coconut shells.  I am particularly fond of coconuts—their taste, smell and visual—so perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to this product.  It could also be partly because, despite the glossed over eyes, I do have a strong interest in doing what’s best for our planet and in using materials that are good for it.  How are these tiles good for the planet?  Well, it turns out that since coconuts are harvested as a food source, the shells generally get thrown into landfills or burned.  This product is giving those shells a purpose–other than being garbage.

Here they are…Kirei Coco Tiles!

They can be used in so many different applications.  A couple I like are as a wallcovering:

Or a headboard:

I could also see incorporating it into some customized pieces of furniture.  Maybe to line the back of an entertainment center or the backs of some shadow box shelves.  It has a lot of potential!


Good Intentions


We meant to have a great new post today, the beginning of a new feature for our blog…but it didn’t happen. L A rainy and busy weekend for both Sara and I got in the way, and the post didn’t get the attention that we felt it deserved. Hopefully we will get that post up next Monday, and of course we will have some others between now and then. Stay tuned!!

http://www.art.com/products/p12177738-sa-i1552318/magnolia.htm (my neighbor has a tree like this in her backyard…it’s almost done blooming and is making the loveliest pink carpet on both our lawns)


Natural Warmth


Here’s another bathroom from K+BB that I wanted to share with you.  This one is completely different from the light and airy Art Nouveau design I shared the other day.  This one invokes ideas of log cabins or resorts in the Alps…it’s just so warm!  The thing I most like about this bathroom is the vanity.  It’s backlit agate and it makes such a statement!  Agate is a beautiful stone and backlighting it brings out all of the different layers and tones of the stone 


Rustically Elegant


Well, “rustically elegant” sure sounds like an oxymoron, no? That’s the term used to describe a beach house at Veranda in Santa Barbara, and I must say, I agree!

Many people LOVE the beachy look, but don’t really want to plaster a huge starfish or sailboat on the wall to achieve it. The essence of beach style can be translated in a much more subtle way by sticking to color tones of the shoreline (sandy tans, white, unfinished wood, soft blues and greens), natural materials, botanical accessories, and a generally open and airy treatment.

True beach style doesn’t need to be kitsch, it just needs to be natural, and you can’t go wrong! (Plus that view certainly doesn’t hurt!)

– Kim

(All images above and more found at Veranda)

Bathroom a la Art Nouveau


I’ve got bathrooms on my mind.  The bathroom in my house is the one space my husband and I have not touched since we moved in.  It was supposed to be a project we would get to, but we just found other things to do over the past three years.  Plus I could never decide if we should spend a little money just sprucing it up or a lot of money gutting it and starting over.  Well, I’ve finally decided to go the less expensive route.  We’ve already put enough money into our house (money we most likely will not get back) and therefore don’t want to spend gobs of money fixing up the bathroom.  We can afford a few cosmetic fixes though–like a new medicine cabinet, new light fixture, etc., so now I’m on the search for these items, which has me thinking a lot about bathrooms.

Now if I did have a little bit more to spend on this remodel, here’s one bathroom that has caught my eye…

Notice the tile detail snaking up the wall?  Here it is closer up…

LOVE all the little details in this small, simple room.

Images scanned from K+BB.  I  like how everything in this space just works together–like it was meant to be.  I also really like how the designer took an awkward space (a long, narrow space) and made it work as a functional space.


Step One: Select Knobs


I figure I’ll make faster progress on my jewelry box renovation if I purchase some knobs for it. Once I have some knobs in hand than I love, I will be anxious to get the project finished so I can put those knobs on the jewelry box where I can see them every time I walk up my stairs. I’ve always loved Anthopologie’s collection of knobs and other hardware, so that’s where I’m starting. Here are some of my favorites so far:

My other thought is to go very simple with the knobs and dress up the drawer front with a little decorative paper. We have this really great paper store in Milwaukee called Broadway Paper. Here are some of my favorite gift wrap patterns of theirs (it comes in flat sheets, so it is perfect for various do it yourself projects):

I don’t want to clash with what’s going on above my jewelry box though, so I’ll have to do a little thinking on this one. I’m finding so many knobs and so many patterns that I like, but I can’t use them all!