Big Fan

Ceiling fans are like the red-headed stepchild of home design. They are super functional, make a room comfortable, save on air conditioning costs….and are usually hideous. They are the FIRST thing to go on any home design show. Sure, a chandelier in the bedroom is lovely. But when I’m sweating in the middle of the night when it’s not boiling enough to need the AC on, but there’s no breeze coming from the windows, I’d trade sleeping in a cool breeze for that pretty chandelier in a second. Plus you know you won’t end up having to haul a floor standing fan out of the closet just to catch a breeze. Many of those look even worse than the ceiling fan did! Believe it or not, there ARE ceiling fans that are cooler than all those builder basic ones with the flower lighting outside in the trash of every home featured on HGTV. You know the ones.

From Craigslist. And really – they want $40 for this?

Think about how much better it would be to go from that to one of these:

So what do you think? Would you consider upgrading your ugly fan for something like this? Or would you toss it no matter what?


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