Our Design Book Unveiled

Kim and I just recently finished our first project and wanted to share some pictures of our design book with you.  We feel very lucky to have had a couple people sign on with us even before we have our website up and running (a big thank you to our first two clients!)  The project we are sharing with you now is a complete living room re-design.  The only thing we reused was the client’s TV stand.  We also had to work with the existing carpet (as it was relatively new) and existing wood trim and fireplace.  Otherwise, all of the furniture, lighting, artwork and other accessories were selected new by us. 

Since the fireplace was already a pretty major element in the room and since it had to stay, we used it as the starting point for our color palette.  There are a lot of red and brown tones in the stone surround and we thought orange would be the perfect color to complement it.  We also loved the idea of an almost solid wall of orange–the existing fireplace flanked by floor to ceiling orange curtains.  Once we were sure about the orange, the blues and grays of the rest of the space were natural followers.

We hope you enjoy taking a look at what we can do! 

The design concept board – two page spread:

Rendered floor plan and elevation:

The design plan – our explanation of how everything goes together:

Shopping List:

Travel size Shopping List with fabric & paint swatches – easy to carry with you to the store!

Our client has already ordered everything we recommended to her and is busy painting her living room with Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray.  As she is local to the Milwaukee area, you can bet that Kim and I will get over there as soon as the project is complete to get some pictures of the completed space.  We can’t wait to share those with you!



4 Responses to Our Design Book Unveiled

  1. I love your presentation, so glad your client loved it too !

  2. Linda Koepnick says:

    I can’t wait to see the completed project. Your ideas are awesome!

  3. […] talked about this project here and here….and now we have real live installed images to share with […]

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