Summer in the Hamptons

Take a look at this colorful home in the Hamptons by Anthony Wright Interiors.  (It was featured recently here).

I love the very traditional aspects of this dining room (wallcovering, furniture, fireplace) juxtaposed with the modern pop of the fabric on the chairs.

So blue, so lovely!  The monochromatic color scheme works very well here by layering different shades of blue and mixing solids with various patterns.

This bathroom is very different from anything I’ve ever seen.  It’s not something I would put in my own home, but I can see why it would be fun for a summer home.

This sunroom looks like a very relaxing place to sit back with a good book for a few hours. 

Finally, a very woodsy mudroom.  I’ve seen this wallcovering in many places, but it just works in so many different spaces that I can see why designers keep going back to it.  Here is serves as a good way to transition from the wooded backyard of the home to the bright and playful interior. 



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