A little spring cleaning…

Despite what my neighbors must be thinking right about now, I truly don’t relish killing nature. However, when we bought our home, our landscaping was in pretty sad shape.

(images via google street view)

This is our house. Oh, you can’t find a house in this picture? Yeah, that was the problem there. Last summer we took out the shabby front bushes and we have big plans to replace them with new plants that have more character than the standard “starter house bushes.” We even had a landscape plan done, but we want to wait to install anything near the house as our siding and isulation project got shifted to next summer rather than this one. In the meantime, my husband has been itching to make a change…so he and our neighbor came up with a stellar idea. Cut down the pine tree.

Gulp. That thing is about 40′ tall. Plus. Truth be told though, it’s been coming. It’s already been trimmed up underneath…which still doesn’t give us any light. The pine needles and pine cones litter our yard and kill EVERYTHING. Even hostas. Those are supposed to be indestructible! Add to that, the tree itself isn’t so healthy. It can’t be seen here, but there were plenty of dead limbs about halfway up, making the whole thing unsightly. Plus, I’m sorry, but that is a forest tree! Not a front yard tree on a lot the size of a postage stamp! So anyway, there is my justification for this little bit of nature dessicration.

The boys started from the bottom.

Yep, that looks like a GREAT idea.

Surprisingly, it came down without much incident! But holy cow, it seems even taller than I thought! They were cutting what looked like most of the way up, only to be halfway!

Luckily these little guys and their mother were the only ones that lost their home that day. I’m not the biggest fan of squirrels, since they’re basically rodents, but these little babies were so CUTE, and I didn’t want to have dead babies on my head, so we contacted the humane society and they talked us through the steps to get the babies successfully reunited with their mom the next morning (after a night spent in our garage away from any predators)!

The problem now? My house looks naked! We don’t have much of a plan at this point as to what will replace the pine tree, and the planting bed we’d HAD designed sort of had that tree worked in! I wouldn’t mind another tree, but definitely one of the dwarf variety. (our eventual plan has two juniper trees flanking the entry and some other lower flowers. Maybe some hydrangeas? I can’t remember.) The crabapple tree on the right blooms in the late spring, so maybe another something flowering? Or perhaps that’s too much… Any landscape gurus out there that can offer any ideas? Anything to stay away from? (This is the north side of our house.) I also wonder if this will inspire the neighbors across the street – what WERE the planners of our street thinking??

I’ll be sure to update in the event we make any forward progress. Until then….the cleanup continues!


4 Responses to A little spring cleaning…

  1. This is an insane story! I’m glad the squirrels weren’t hurt, and none of your muscle men, as well!

  2. Eva says:

    What about azelea bush? They prefer shady spots and offer gorgeous blooms in the spring, plus they do stay pretty low if you want them.

    Hydrangeas are wonderful! However, I’ve heard they can be tricky to grow. (I’ve never attempted myself)

    Good luck! We have a giant, old tree in our front yard that really needs to come down as well.

    • EFeDesigns says:

      I love, love, LOVE hydrangea – it’s one of the few plants I can identify! We’re eventually planning to put them in other places in the yard, so this may be a good spot as well. Interestingly, the azalea’s do really well in acidic soil according to Wikipedia. Pine tree = acid. That’s a really good thought as well!

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