Step One: Select Knobs

I figure I’ll make faster progress on my jewelry box renovation if I purchase some knobs for it. Once I have some knobs in hand than I love, I will be anxious to get the project finished so I can put those knobs on the jewelry box where I can see them every time I walk up my stairs. I’ve always loved Anthopologie’s collection of knobs and other hardware, so that’s where I’m starting. Here are some of my favorites so far:

My other thought is to go very simple with the knobs and dress up the drawer front with a little decorative paper. We have this really great paper store in Milwaukee called Broadway Paper. Here are some of my favorite gift wrap patterns of theirs (it comes in flat sheets, so it is perfect for various do it yourself projects):

I don’t want to clash with what’s going on above my jewelry box though, so I’ll have to do a little thinking on this one. I’m finding so many knobs and so many patterns that I like, but I can’t use them all!


2 Responses to Step One: Select Knobs

  1. I just bought some Anthro knobs for a dresser makeover that I posted today, they have the best knobs !

  2. Very pretty choices! I love the crystal melon ones.

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