Bathroom a la Art Nouveau

I’ve got bathrooms on my mind.  The bathroom in my house is the one space my husband and I have not touched since we moved in.  It was supposed to be a project we would get to, but we just found other things to do over the past three years.  Plus I could never decide if we should spend a little money just sprucing it up or a lot of money gutting it and starting over.  Well, I’ve finally decided to go the less expensive route.  We’ve already put enough money into our house (money we most likely will not get back) and therefore don’t want to spend gobs of money fixing up the bathroom.  We can afford a few cosmetic fixes though–like a new medicine cabinet, new light fixture, etc., so now I’m on the search for these items, which has me thinking a lot about bathrooms.

Now if I did have a little bit more to spend on this remodel, here’s one bathroom that has caught my eye…

Notice the tile detail snaking up the wall?  Here it is closer up…

LOVE all the little details in this small, simple room.

Images scanned from K+BB.  I  like how everything in this space just works together–like it was meant to be.  I also really like how the designer took an awkward space (a long, narrow space) and made it work as a functional space.


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