New Product Alert

I’m sure everyone is feeling completely bombarded with green issues these days.  I see so many green products and hear so many green stories that at times my eyes gloss over and I find myself thinking, “blah, blah, blah…”

At the risk of getting that reaction from all of you, I’m sharing a new green product with you.  It’s a tile made from coconut shells.  I am particularly fond of coconuts—their taste, smell and visual—so perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to this product.  It could also be partly because, despite the glossed over eyes, I do have a strong interest in doing what’s best for our planet and in using materials that are good for it.  How are these tiles good for the planet?  Well, it turns out that since coconuts are harvested as a food source, the shells generally get thrown into landfills or burned.  This product is giving those shells a purpose–other than being garbage.

Here they are…Kirei Coco Tiles!

They can be used in so many different applications.  A couple I like are as a wallcovering:

Or a headboard:

I could also see incorporating it into some customized pieces of furniture.  Maybe to line the back of an entertainment center or the backs of some shadow box shelves.  It has a lot of potential!


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