Handmade Rug

When I think of a handmade rug, I often picture a super expensive oriental carpet, made halfway around the world, and too precious to set foot on. I never considered something like a rug as a candidate for easy, affordable handmade until I saw this recent post about a DIY rug.

via High Heeled Foot in the Door

Seriously. She MADE that. While I’m totally intrigued by this notion, as rugs can be so, so, so expensive for anything of a decent size, and actually fully plan to attempt this project myself, for the moment I’ve chosen to look at other rug options of the handmade variety. And when you are looking for handmade items, there is no better place to turn than Etsy. The artisans that gather there are so super talented, and you are guaranteed to get a unique addition to your home by buying direct from the crafter. Here’s just a small sampling of the amazing handmade rugs I’ve found.

Seller busbywarren – there isn’t a huge description on how they crafted this rug, but I think it’s similar to the High Heeled method.

Seller talkingsquid – this cute doormat is made of recycled t-shirts!

Seller jcarlos – this rag rug is gorgeous, and the product photography is absolutely dreamy.

Seller fiveforty – creates this woven rug from felted wool sweaters. It just looks so soft!

What do you think about handmade rugs? Are there any other unusual handmade houseware items you’ve come across lately?


One Response to Handmade Rug

  1. I could never do the High Heel version, my cats would puke all over it within a day. I need tufted rugs because they clean well and look brand new after a good cleaning. I also can’t get any cute rag rugs because they would tear them up with their claws. Why did I get cats again? ha!
    I bet that t-shirt rug would be great in a bathroom.

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