A Farmhouse Kitchen

Someday my husband and I hope to purchase some land in the country.  Whether we end up building a new house or renovating an existing one remains to be seen.  Either way, I’ve started looking for inspiration images so when the time comes, we’ll know what we want! 

Since the land would be used partly as a farm (veggies for us and possibly some animals to sell), I’m particularly drawn to farmhouse designs.  Like this kitchen:

The white cabinetry is very refreshing, but made interesting by the contrasting island.  I especially love all the detail in this kitchen…just look at the cabinetry and the herringbone patterened backsplash:

A desk in the kitchen is essential!  We don’t have one now and I really wish we did.  I often bring a laptop into the kitchen and pull up a recipe and it would be nice to have a dedicated place for that laptop.  Although, given that my husband also likes to keep me company (on his laptop) while I’m cooking, I think we’ll need a much bigger desk than this one…

I never used to be a fan of those old style, farmhouse sink, but they’re really growing on me.  The one used in this kitchen is quite nice.

I don’t particularly care for the fence-like railing on the steps in this image, but I do love the hidden refrigerator:

I’m sure this is just the beginning of the inspiration images I’ll share with you for my future home.  Bear with me as I’m sure I will find all sorts of styles that I like–the fun part will be when I can actually start planning this home and make the various styles into a cohesive whole!


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