Classic Beach Style: Something’s Gotta Give

First off, hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday!

Now, this definitely isn’t new, but 2003’s Something’s Gotta Give is one of my all time favorite movies. I go back to it time and again – just ask my husband – and one of the primary reasons is the set design. It was made about seven years ago, and if you ask me, that’s right in the danger zone for home décor. It’s no longer new, and what was trendy at the time is definitely past its prime. It’s also not old enough to be considered retro, or calling back an old style. It’s juuust at risk of looking….dated.

Happily, the scenes from this Hampton’s dream home have hit timeless style right on. The gorgeous beachside home still looks perfectly livable and lived in, provided you lead a fantastic life!

This living room has a ton of space – tall ceilings, two full size sofas, openings to multiple rooms – but the tailored slipcovered furniture pulled in to a conversational seating area on a fabulous rug makes for a space perfect for lounging by the fire or for entertaining a group.

The wall of books. It’s practically ubiquitous across design blogs now, and it’s perfect then.

This is seriously a dream kitchen. All that counter space…. The classic white casework, the clean subway tile backsplash, glass faced uppers and large functional islands never go out of style.

The dining room is a bit too neutral for me, but it still works. The bead board display wall is timeless, and the chairs can be perked up with a change of slipcover thanks to the classic silhouette.

Lounge chairs by a pool? I wouldn’t care at all what they look like just by virtue of the perfect location just outside the French doors, but the teak chairs with comfy cushions are ideal. It looks like a scene from this year’s Pottery Barn!

Photo credit

I have a whole list of movies that I watch over and over for the sets – places I WISH I could live! Do you have any cinematic home touchstones?


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