Porch Envy

I love our little house.  Sure, it’s not totally updated, and there’s a ton of work to do, and a wish list a mile long…but one thing that’s definitely on the list for the next house is a porch.  I like our patio…but there’s something about that space that’s not quite outside, but still part of the house, that I just WANT.  I love sitting outside listening to the rain but not being out in it.  I love sitting out front and watching the neighborhood, but it just doesn’t feel quite right from our stoop.  It’s so much more a part of the home as a porch.

I just love that little buffer zone that’s the best of both worlds.  I can picture this with a little swing with tons of pillows at the far end.

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Our home is a cape cod style, and there are plenty of capes that have porches so I know that it could be added…but I just don’t know that I want to sink a lot of money into it in a neighborhood that’s largely porch-less.  But it could look so nice….

Stock photo : Cape-Cod House At Twilight

Of course the dream porch is one of those big southern or farmhouse wrap-around types.



There’s a lot of victorian style in my part of the state….but oh, the maintenance.  I just can’t imagine the effort to get out there every so often and repaint with all those different colors!

http://hookedonhouses.net/2009/11/24/front-porch-love/ – lots of other great images here as well!

Bungalows – while they sound very California – are actually super common to southeast Wisconsin.  Random, huh?  One of the great things about a bungalow (other than the fab built ins, little touches of stained glass, and typically gorgeous hardwood floors) is that a front porch is practically a given.

Curtis Park Bungalow

Craftsman Bungalow house in Sacramento, California



So what’s on your living wish list?



3 Responses to Porch Envy

  1. There are a ton of cool bungalows in Milwaukee area, I would love to have a big porch as well! Although, my wish list item is always big moldings, fireplaces, and built-ins. I guess that is three things…ha

  2. Darin says:

    If you build it…they will come!…Tempting!

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