Summer Bedding

I’m not sure why…but I seem to pay almost no attention to the decor in my bedroom.  I have mismatched and terrible side tables, cheap lamps that fall over when you look at them, and, until recently, a big hole in the wall to access the bathroom plumbing that I finally infilled with an actually quite nice fabric panel.  I do love my bed though, so maybe there is hope.  🙂  We have queen sized bed, and I love to buy oversized linens so that I can wrap myself up without getting jabbed for stealing the covers.  Currently I have a down comforter that has historically stayed on all year long – even though I wake up sweating many summer nights thanks to aforementioned burrito habit.  I’ve been casually on the lookout for something in a summer weight for a while now…and I think I must have this puffy lightweight quilt.

The king size is only $129 – I feel like that’s a pretty good price for bedding…now to decide on white or blue…I love the blue, but I think it might be just to the terrible side of mismatched with my blue wall color.

Do you swap out winter and summer linens?


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