Bedroom Lighting

Remember when I said I pay almost no attention to my bedroom?  Apparently that’s so true that I don’t even have any pictures of it since we moved in!  These are from our first month or so just before the floors got stained:

So here is my dilemma – our bed, with wooden headboard, sits right on that back wall, with the ceiling sloping down.  It’s not centered thanks to that floor vent (which is the only one in the house, and is the one I promptly dropped a knife down when removing the carpet on OUR FIRST WEEKEND!  Oy.)  It’s also about 2 1/2 feet away from the wall due to the height of the headboard and the slope of the ceiling.  Currently we have horrible standins as bedside tables, and super cheap lamps that match absolutely nothing that we both hate, and knock over pretty frequently as they are super lightweight.  Personally I really love all those pretty wall sconces that you see just beside the headboard in all the shelter mags and furniture catalogs.  You know, like hotel lights, but in a good way.

However.  We HAVE no wall right behind our headboard.  We have dead space (storage actually, but that really needs to be improved).  We also don’t have evenly spaced walls on either side of the bed thanks to not blocking the heat register, so placing wall fixtures on the side is no good either.  I think my options are down to either pendants on the sloping ceiling or a wall fixture that can somehow reach from the back wall to the spot where I lay in bed and read.  I don’t really want to go the lamp route again, as I tend to smack anything in that general direction in hopes of hitting the alarm clock for just 9 more minutes (repeatedly) each morning.

Here’s what I’m thinking in terms of wall lights – I’m hoping to find a selection of pendants for another post.

This I love – tailored, clean…but I love the $580 price tag not so much.

I prefer the $190 price point on this one a little more…but I’m concerned that the fixture is a bit too dainty.

This one has the best price point so far at $180, but the all metal shape looks a bit too “office-y” for my taste.

So….I don’t think I’ve found the winner yet.  Does anyone have a fixture like this?  Or a bedroom dilemma like mine?



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