Metallic Elegance

Yet another busy weekend! Does everybody else find that their summers book up from the very beginning and then end up being a bit of a whirlwind? That’s definitely how Kim and I feel, but I suppose we shouldn’t complain because while busy, they’re still fun!

That’s all besides the point though. I have this great space from Elle Decor to share with you. And just to mix things up a little, I’m taking a departure from my recent farmhouse obsession and sharing something a bit more modern today.

First off, the living room, which also happens to be my favorite part of the design. I’m in love with the symmetry of the space, with the color and texture of the sofa and with the artwork above the sofa.

Another shot of the living room, showing the beautiful landscape around the house.

The wallcovering below is gorgeous! I love how rich and luxurious it looks. I also love how much space this person has for their shoes!

The space just goes to show how a simple color palette can really work for you. You just need to mix up the textures and the materials to give the space interest. A little bit of metallic wallcovering, a soft velour upholstery and a plush area rug can really go a long way.


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