Toast UK

I think that Toast magazine from the UK is just stunning.  Their products are lovely (though I’ve never ordered so I can’t speak to the quality), and the photography just has this relaxed, warm style that I’m so drawn to.  The spaces seem so warm and inviting, like you could just fall into them and have a perfect afternoon.  Here are some of my favorites from their 2010 house and home catalogue!

I’m a terribly cold person (wearing a fleece at this moment – in JUNE!), so I tend to amass quite a few throws.  I can’t say many of mine are this lovely though!  The woven tote is a great way to round them up – especially if you have pets that like to snuggle up in them as well in an effort to somewhat reduce the collection of fur!

These little bins are adorable, and would be a great way to sort trash from recyclables, or store items in the workshop.

This linen cushion cover is perfect – it’s crisp enough to set the scene, but worn in enough that it’s not to precious to actually live with.

Finally, I could just live in these organic cotton linens – I’m a sucker for orange!

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