Dining Rooms for a Farmhouse

A while back I shared some kitchens with you that serve as inspiration for my future home. I’m going for an elegant, yet somewhat rustic farmhouse feel. I love the history that accompanies older items, so my hope is to use as many salvaged items as possible in this home, especially for the wood floors and light fixtures. I’m compiling a book of images that I like so that when the time comes, I’ll be ready to design! Here are some of the living rooms I’m drawn to (all from Better Homes and Gardens):

My favorite items from this image are the table and the light fixture. I love the scale of the light fixture and that table looks old, so of course I love it!

This image is a bit more refined than the first. I’d like to mix these moods together…a little bit of the new, a little bit of the old.

I’m not always a fan of glass front cabinets, but since these are so neatly organized, I don’t mind them. As long as you’re storing things that don’t get used on a daily basis and therefore can keep the cabinets this organized all of the time, they’re quite beautiful! I also like the way they’ve chosen to display artwork.

Again with the giant light fixture…isn’t it great? Imagine this room without it. I think it really makes the space.


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