Outdoor Lighting

Hmmm, it seems I have a bit of a lighting trend happening.  However, this foray into selecting a light fixture is at the request of my husband regarding the epic, monumental siding project that is now almost definitely on the books for Spring 2011.  (We had so hoped it could happen this year, so that we wouldn’t freeze this winter, but DANG siding is pricey!  And I’m a stickler for saving up the whole amount before starting a project, so here we are.)  Sure, that’s a long way away, but we’re both planners and budgeters, and so it only makes sense that we would start looking at fixtures a year in advance.

So, look I did…and this is going to be a really difficult choice.  Typically, I find outdoor lighting…ugly.  We had one of those post lights along our front sidewalk until it rusted right out of the ground, and it was one of those black lanterns with a flying eagle figurine on top….really typical, really hideous.  So while I initially dragged my feet at the thought of looking for lighting as I knew I’d have to sift through a whole lot of horrible, the prospect of getting something NOT horrible is pretty appealing.  I started off at Home Depot’s site, because it’s easy, usually pretty affordable, and there’s one a mile from my house.  🙂

To my surprise, I was actually drawn to several fixtures that have a definite traditional vibe!


Price: $153


Price: $107


Price: $40 – this leads me to believe this is either teeny tiny, or a piece of junk.

As I thought I might, I for sure liked some fixtures that were a bit more modern.  Not toooo much – we DO live in a cape cod after all.  I definitely believe in respecting the style you’ve got and working with it.


Price: $97


Price: $295

This is good….but perhaps too commercial for our little home.


Price: $295

This one is a bit more out there, but I think it would work better on a craftsman style house – something with a lot of stained glass.


Price: $143


$45 – this is cute, but the price tag is a clue that it’s pretty tiny…only 8″ diameter.  I DO like the idea of not seeing the bulb and rather having a cone of light pointing down rather than a glowing orb…

I also checked out Lamps Plus, but I quickly got selection fatigue.  There is just sooooo much to choose from, so I limited myself to the energy efficient fixtures, and promised myself that I will look at some additional sources another day.

Again, I had some surprise traditional favorites!


Price: $120


Price: $140 – eerily similar to the Home Depot fixture…plus about $50.


Price: $160


Price: $280


Price: $120

This last one might be my front runner.  Similarly to the tiny Home Depot light, I like the idea of not seeing a bright hot spot.  The brushed nickel finish offers an industrial vibe that I really like, and at a 10 1/2″ diameter, it’s less diminutive. I’m going to avoid committing to anything at the moment though, and wait to see what the leader of this project thinks – hi hon!  Our tastes typically mesh pretty well, but we’re diverging a bit on this one.  It will be interesting to see where we land!



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