My Naked Corner

I have a naked corner in my living room.  It is begging for a cozy armchair, an ottoman, and an overhead light.  I checked out West Elm’s new furniture selections…and I found one possibility….

Now, I’ve had slipcovered furniture in the past…and hated it.  A possible difference though is that this cover is MADE for this chair.  So….perhaps it would be less infuriating?  Perhaps it would stay in it’s proper place and not get all eaten up between the seat and the back, exposing the bottom?  I think a white piece in an otherwise tan and brown furniture-d room would be interesting, and I could have a lot of fun with pillows and accessories.  Plus a slipcover is probably a really smart idea if going with white!  The price is friendly as well at $500, though the ottoman is an additional $350.  Not that I would NEED to have the matching ottoman – I can see this as an opportunity to refurbish something thrifted.  One other caveat is that my husband is about 6′-4″ and not a huge fan of a low back, and the specs on this say only 24″ high?  That seems AWFULLY low.  On the pro side – West Elm is a shop where I can apply our designer discount.  Oh decisions….

Has anyone seen this piece in real life?  Is it really as low as they say?  How well does the cover stay in place?


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