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Way back when, just after we purchased our house, Darin and I installed a tile backsplash in our kitchen.  I kept a blog back then to keep our families updated on our house hunt and subsequent progress updating it.  My point in this walk down memory lane is that this weekend we (and by we, I mean my husband) decided to FINALLY finish it!  You’ll see what I mean…the following is long, but mostly pictures.  🙂

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend warriors

The three day weekend gave us the opportunity to get a lot of stuff done! And by done I mean started. 🙂

The plan was to lay the tile backsplash. When I started planning it out after we spent half a day going to a tile class and buying materials, I decided that the countertop really bugged me. See, there was an inch gap between the counter and the wall, and you could see the plywood counter base. The base was cut too long on the other side. It was ugly, and would look uglier with a be-yoo-ti-ful backsplash. So, mission move the counter over….

This was actually a much bigger operation than the pictures show, with much cursing. However there was no one to document because I was holding up the counter and Darin was playing with power tools.

But look Mom, no more gap!!
So here is the tile. It was a pretty good bargain, and I think it’s pretty.
Here is the scary wetsaw we were lucky enough to borrow. Darin did all the cutting. I was getting nowhere near this thing.

Not bad for my first time!

See, Darin’s helping. Apparently I am a weak mixer.

But I did ok putting up the tile.
Yes, I know it’s weird the tile goes past the cabinets. But it would have been weirder to not go as far as the counter. And there will be a fridge here.
Half done!
This wall has waves in it like the ocean.
At this point I had abandoned tools and there was thin set ALL over my hands!
Bad blogger as I was back then, I never did a FULL before and after, so here are some more snippets of how it turned out in phase 1:
Darin’s gas line. Moving this line involved FOUR separate trips to Home Depot. But it works!
Cabinet surgery. The doors have yet to be reattached, lol.

Conveniently, only I can fit inside many of our closets. So I got to do all the painting. Woo hoo?
The test spot for the wall color. Kind of scary!
happen to love how the color came out! Orange isn’t so scary! PS, like the use of the “stove”?
Yay fridge!
Back when we bought the house, there were only cabinets on one side of the kitchen.  The stove was also in a very dumb spot, basically rendering one of the few cabinets useless.  We had the bright idea to relocate the stove to the wall opposite the sink, making for a much more efficient work triangle.  (That’s basically the relationship between your stove, sink, and refrigerator, and some arrangements just work better than others!)  Since we didn’t have a ton of money for our modest kitchen update, this being an example of “work with what you have” rather than “torch it all and start over,” we opted not to install a full wall of cabinets.  We picked up a cute kitchen cart from Crate and Barrel that coordinated with our original built-ins to live alongside the stove.
We thought the best way to tie the room together would be to continue the backsplash from the sink side of the room over to our stove’s new home.  So, as you saw above, we tiled from a completely non-technical height above the floor that would be hidden by the cart, and the top is at the same height as the bottom of the original cabinets.  This worked well for a few years, and then we found a great local cabinet maker to build a set of upper cabinets that match our originals perfectly.

The only problem was…..the gaps.
Luckily, we had some leftover tiles.  All we were missing until this weekend, was the ambition to just finish the darn thing!  (I’m pretty good at living with half finished projects if they 1. function, and 2. don’t get in my way.  An unfinished backsplash fits both!)  So today we have this:
I have to admit, it looks much better.  Now all we have to do is grout and seal, and I think we’re done in the kitchen for awhile!
Oh, and none of this could be possible without our job supervisors.  They keep us on track.  🙂
So, do any of you have any long overdue projects that you’ve been working on?  Or just putting off?!

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  1. Wow, I love that tile with the wall color! So cool to see a project this big in your home. I always have to paint all the closets, too. Wah wah

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